5 Reasons You Need a Modular Sofa in Your Life

leather sofa inside a home

If you haven’t yet heard of the wonder you get from investing in a modular sofa, you’re in for a treat. The couches are composed of several pieces that can be joined together in a number of ways, allowing for greater customisability than a traditional lounge. Stylish yet playful, functional yet adaptable, this is the answer to all your couch-related problems.

Multifunctional furniture is trending in 2019, which means now is a great time to get on board by investing in a modular sofa. Here are 5 of the coolest things about these couches:

Adapt to a range of spaces

We live in an era where no two houses are the same (more or less!); from epic mansions to tiny houses that fit on the back of a trailer, a piece of furniture won’t fit the same in every home. One of the biggest benefits of a modular sofa is that it allows you to play around with it in order to create a personalised lounge solution that suits your needs. They can be space saving if you have a small home, or fill up a room if you have a larger one. Regardless of the size of your home, these couches can be made to fit perfectly.


They can also be customised to incorporate features that support your lifestyle. For instance, you might want to add a console with a built in cup holder and magazine holder, or add a storage unit to the base. A modular sofa can have extra seats added to it, so you’re not limited by how many people you can fit on the couch like you are with a traditional lounge (which usually has just 2-3 seats). This makes them a great option for people with small living spaces and large living spaces alike.


While functional, a modular sofa has also been designed with plenty of style in mind. They are sleek, sophisticated and modern, and come in a range of colours, textures, materials (yes, you can buy a leather one!) and shapes. The fact that they are so customisable means that it’s very easy to find a couch that suits your home perfectly.

Fun & playful

Want a bright yellow couch? With spots on it? And a table attached so you can play cards? You got it. Buying a modular sofa gives you full creative freedom when it comes to designing the couch of your dreams. It’s not only a fun experience to build (kind of like playing Lego), but they’re fun to use, too! Their special features make them great for entertaining – especially if they’re leather, which makes them relatively spill-proof (if you want to break out the drinks).


And finally, a modular sofa is functional. It’s a couch, after all. It’s got seats, armrests, a back and a base – it gets the job done. It’s also really comfy – regardless of whether you choose fabric or leather. Combine this with the fact that you can add nooks and crannies to hold books and blankets and you’ve got yourself a pretty high-functioning lounge.


For a couch that will be the envy of all your friends and family, choose a modular sofa. Functional, attractive and ridiculously customisable, there is really no better couch you could buy. Make sure it’s worth the investment by taking the time to consider what material, colour, size and shape will best suit your needs in the long-term. Factors such as how you spend your spare time and whether or not you plan on entertaining guests are also important to consider.