Advantages of Online Mental Health Support

Advantages of Online Mental Health Support

Online therapy, e-therapy, cyber counseling, teletherapy – these are all the names for the type of therapy that has been making a buzz recently.

Online therapy has been here for a bit. It became more necessary when the pandemic came with its restrictions, working-from-home, online classes, and so on. Adjusting to these changes could easily place a toll on anyone’s mental health. Thankfully, you can easily get the best online mental health support Australia has to offer, right on your smartphone or computer.

Online mental health support may not be what most people are used to, but presently, it is a necessary option for tons of patients that cannot access physical therapy for one reason or the other.

Who is an online therapist?

Just as traditional therapists and counselors have a range of qualifications and licenses, online therapists can also differ considerably in their training and credentials.

There might be websites online promising a quick path to becoming an online counselor, but most trusted online therapists have obtained credentials and certifications from educational courses and training. These make it easier for them to win the trust of their patients and have influential careers.

Ways to deliver online mental health support

Online mental health support

You can receive mental health support online in two significant ways. One is through support groups where members encourage each other, set goals, and motivate each other to wellness. This method can be very effective as the patient is surrounded by people going through similar issues and working them out.

The second method is like standard counseling sessions where a certified therapist attends to the patient via calls, text, or e-mail. Patients usually access their therapists through a website or via matching on an online therapy app.

Conditions where online mental health support can help

Common mental health challenges that can be effectively treated with online mental health support include:

  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Anger management
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Interpersonal relationship conflicts

However, it would be best if you did not insist on getting support online when dealing with complicated mental conditions that require in-person or direct intervention with a mental health therapist. As much as you can get access to the best online mental health support Australia offers, certain conditions are too delicate to be treated virtually.

What are the advantages of online mental health support?

  • Accessibility

With online mental health support, you get to bypass the many physical hindrances to therapy. Factors like traffic, unavailable means of transportation, a long commute, and so on are avoided.

Considering that accessibility problems could also be a form of stress to the patient, getting rid of them could greatly help their mental health.

  • Affordability

With online support, the therapist can offer affordable treatment plans as many overhead costs of running a brick and mortar office are eliminated. Bills such as office rent, light bills, and so on are bypassed, thus enabling the therapists to reduce their charge, allowing the patients to save more.

Also, with online therapy, there is much more flexibility to how you pay for your treatment, either per session, in installment, weekly, monthly, etc.

  • Privacy

Unfortunately, some communities have not eradicated the stigma surrounding mental health support. This makes access to mental healthcare difficult for patients that need it.

However, with online therapy, you can enjoy complete privacy. You can schedule your sessions for a convenient time when you are safe from the prying eyes of people. And you can rest assured that your data will be secure.


These are just a few of the advantages of online mental health care. Also, the internet allows you access to the finest online mental health support Australia has, so you can always choose the therapy plan that suits you perfectly. These and many more are enough reasons to consider online therapy next.