Benefits For Local Homeowners Using The SMA 5KW Inverter Brand

Local homeowners will source a great amount of value from investing in Sol Distribution SMA 5KW inverter.

Solar systems from Sol Distribution will sit at one end of the spectrum for investors – working efficiently to get the most out of their exposure or at the other end where they are costly and damaging products that create more hassle than they are worth.

Domestic consumers will soon find they fit into the former category, offering the following benefits to Australian residents.

Smart Connectivity

The Sol Distribution SMA 5KW inverter provides smart connectivity for its users. In 2019 there is a requirement for these devices to be compatible with mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops, ensuring that anyone can take advantage of them without having to switch appliances. That includes Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi connectivity, integrating the home internet system with the inverter. The Sunny Portal App takes this inclusion to another level altogether, allowing homeowners to have remote access to their solar system from anywhere in the world at any time of day or night.

Automatic Maintenance Programming

Homeowners should not be expected to understand all of the intricacies of a complex and intricate solar system. This is why the SMA 5KW inverter was designed for that user-friendly application requirement. The platform works to automatically detect any performance fault through its maintenance program, a program that can be turned on through the installation process. By detecting these faults automatically, the owner does not need to undertake any extensive research or run an investigation because the inverter will apply the right measures to correct the system on its own.

High Efficiency Rate

Products in this industry have not always had the best track record when it comes to operating at maximum efficiency. This can regularly be contributed to a lack of innovation within the model, lacking the right components to channel he sunlight exposure into energy for the household. The SMA 5KW inverter proudly promotes an efficiency rating of 97%, a figure that is the envy of its peers.

Immediate and Quick Installation

When homeowners even hear the words ‘solar system installation’ they immediately go to the worst case scenario. They will likely imagine hours and hours on end with various operators scaling the heights and causing a great deal of noise and activity. The use of the SMA 5KW inverter is seamless as the consumer will barely know they’ve been there. The product itself is small, light and compact and can be placed in a variety of indoor or outdoor locations for the convenience of the homeowner. It is quick, instantaneous and ensures that consumers don’t have to reschedule their entire day to fit this activity into their diary.

Best Performing Brand Historically

Whether it is a car, a washing machine, a microwave, television or computer, it is always beneficial for a consumer to know they are buying from the best performing brand historically speaking. Electrical and digital goods can be unreliable if they are sourced from an unknown brand as they often attempt to cut down on development costs to earn a foothold in the marketplace. The SMA 5KW inverter is a product that has been crafted by leading German solar engineers, utilising the best elements of the technology and applying those assets for a condensed item for homeowners. This is an outlet that continues to lead the way in global sales and that popularity has been reciprocated through improvements and innovations.


For Australian homeowners based in major cities, the SMA 5KW inverter can be purchased with free shipping to ease those concerns. The company now enjoys a strong foothold on domestic shores and with a growing footprint they have the experience and expertise to assist families with their quick installation process. This investment will soon become a long-term asset that can be enjoyed for generations.