Best Locations For Sydney Wedding Photography

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Australia’s biggest city is filled with beautiful locations to host your big day and makes the perfect playground for Sydney wedding photography. There are endless location options to choose from that will make the perfect backdrop for your wedding. A lot of the city’s best location are only a short distance from each other so you can cover off some of the most iconic locations in only a few hours!

If you’re looking for inspiration then read on below for our list of the best locations in the city for your big day.


The Opera house and the Harbour Bridge

There is nothing more iconic than the Opera house and Harbour bridge when it comes to Sydney wedding photography. Have the quintessential city experience and take your photos at the two most recognisable locations in Australia.

Make you big day truly memorable and capture your special moments at a location that will make a real impact. This looks beautiful displayed in an album, and whilst it’s a popular choice with brides and grooms, it’s always unique.

The special location has its own special meaning to every couple and never looks the same  twice!


The Rocks

If you’re after the historic feel for your big day then there is no better place to choose than The Rocks for Sydney wedding photography. This beautiful historical are is a popular spot for artistic, moody shots and amazing views over the city. The buildings in The Rocks all have so much character and there are endless creative ways to style and frame every shot, ensuring you get a beautiful and collection of memorable moments that will tell a unique story.

The Rocks is one of the oldest areas in the city and has a timeless and classic feel when captured on film and by a camera. If you want to look back in 20 years at a perfect moment in time, then this is the place to do it.


Royal Botanical Gardens

The lush Royal Botanical Gardens make the perfect backdrop for Sydney wedding photography. The heritage-listed gardens are one of the largest parklands in city and one of the most important botanical gardens in the world. An absolutely idyllic setting, species rich and taking up more than 30 hectares there are many beautiful locations to capture your special day.

Take a family portrait in this oasis, get your couple shots with one of the city’s best views of the harbour bridge and enjoy a relaxing day under the shade of centuries old trees. What’s not to like about this perfect location?


Observatory Hill Park

Smack bang in the centre of the city, you can get some of the best shots in the city at this location. This is unmistakably one of the best locations for Sydney wedding photography.

The park is home to a number of important historical buildings that make the perfect backdrop for any big day located in Australia’s biggest city. Spend some time in front of the observatory building, get some creative shots around Fort Phillip and celebrate at the Rotunda, a popular spot for ceremonies.


Queen Victoria Building

Another beautiful historical site, the Queen Victoria Building or QVB as it is commonly known makes a striking location for Sydney wedding photography. This location is very romantic with beautiful Romanesque architecture and perfectly fits a glamorous event. The building can be booked for events, so you can host your reception here or just come for some perfect snapshots.

QVB is one of the best places in the city to get your Sydney wedding photography done.