Development of Australian Football


The expansion of Australian football took place in a drastic manner in the 1870s and 1880s. The matches which fuelled for the development of the Australian football include the match between the football clubs Melbourne and Carlton.  This was the step which attracted around ten thousand spectators to the football NRL ladder. They watched the football for free. But one of the problems that happened with these is that the spectators started encroaching the football ground which made a severe problem in watching the football as well as playing. This made issues also related to the encumbrance of ease of play.

This is the reason why the facilities for viewing the football were arranged in the Melbourne for the first time ever. This happened in 1876 on the place which was leased by Carlton. After setting up of the facility the number of spectators was around five thousand. Later on there was a sudden increase in the number of spectators in the mid eighties. This was around thirty four thousand which again helped more spectators to attend the matches between the leading clubs. It is so important to be noted that the development of the football started from here with a great effort.

The inter-colonial matches were later formed in the middle of the year 1877. The promotion and extension of the football in the colony was the aim of such movements. This also intended the extension of the popularity of the football among all the levels of the society. This also resulted in the development of football in terms of the number of football clubs in the country. According to the studies and reports, there were one hundred and twenty five clubs in the year 1870s in Melbourne and sixty senior clubs were established in Victoria.

This later resulted on the making of the regular schedule of the matches for the convenience of players as well as spectators. The regularity of the football matches were also increased to a large extent. The enclosure of the additional grounds was also done. The charging for the admission is also dined with lot of planning and administration so that the authority of the football was also developed. This kindled the spreading of football in the colonies of country in a fast pace. Finally the south Australian football association was also formed in 1877 which increased the official nature and accreditation.

But the north eastern parts of the country were the areas in which the game found it so difficult to get the hold. The most crowded Ares of the country Sydney hosted the first game in the year 1877. The distance between the capital cities and the colonies which are separated was one of the major issues faced by the entire organizations.

The development of football in Australia was a rapid process which led to the development of football in the entire world. The pace at which the Australian football has grown was quite incredible since the passion of spectators as well as organizations.