Everything You Need To Know About helicopter training in Sydney

Helicopter on air

Considering taking helicopter training in Sydney? Learning to fly can be a great way to broaden your skill set and enjoy new experiences, but that doesn’t mean you can simply jump in a chopper and take off to some dream location in the middle of nowhere. In today’s article we’ll be going over everything you need to know about this type of course including how it works and what the benefits are. 

How Does helicopter training in Sydney Work?

First up, in order to decide whether helicopter training in Sydney you need to know how it all works. The course will be made up of two components, theoretical and practical. On the theory side you’ll complete units that teach you about safety and the mechanisms that make the machines you’ll be learning to fly use to function. On the practical side you’ll be accompanied by a qualified pilot who will teach you the ropes. There will be various assessments completed through your helicopter training in Sydney and each brings you closer to your goal and earns you more freedom while learning.

What Are The Benefits Of helicopter training in Sydney?

Next, you’re probably wondering what exactly you’ll get out of completing helicopter training in Sydney, so we’ve put together a shortlist of some of the benefits. The following section doesn’t cover all of the perks you can expect, but it does give a good idea.

Learn To Fly

This one’s pretty obvious but successfully completing your helicopter training in Sydney means you’ll be fully qualified to fly around by yourself whenever you feel the urge (as long as you have access to something to fly of course).

Fun New Hobby

It’s also, however, a fun new hobby that can take your adventures to new heights, literally and figuratively. You’ll be able to access new places that you may not have otherwise been able to get to without flying there if you’re looking to get away for a bit and since you’ll be free as a bird, aimlessly enjoying the sky can be quite fun as well.

Possible New Revenue Stream 

Two men taking helicopter training in Sydney

Your new skill, when leveraged correctly, could even become a new revenue stream. helicopter training in Sydney isn’t for everyone, and by the same token, neither is flying. This means that pilots are almost always in demand somewhere nearby so if you’re looking for a new career path, or a weekend side hustle, you’re in luck.

Super Useful For Emergency Workers And Volunteers 

Emergency workers and volunteers may also find the skills acquired during helicopter training in Sydney to be quite useful if they’re ever required to assist in a search and rescue, urgent transportation of goods or people or many other types of emergency. While this will obviously rely on having access to a chopper, the skill is still a good one to have in these lines and shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Great Small Talk Topic 

Finally, the ability to fly is a great topic for when you need to make small talk. Even if they’re not interested in undertaking helicopter training in Sydney themselves, many people will want to hear about your adventures and how you acquired the skill. We suggest still having other topics you can talk about as well so that the conversation doesn’t go dead when you’re done sharing your adventures, but it certainly makes for a fun ice breaker.

So, now that you know all about what the course involves and how you can expect to benefit from your new skill, your decision should be a lot easier. If you’re keen, book in your helicopter training in Sydney now and get started on your next big adventure.