Health Benefits of Honey


Honey is one of the most popular sweeteners around the world. It is used and loved as both food and medicine. Honey is one of the healthiest sweeteners and helps in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure.

Some health benefits of Honey are:-

  1. Honey provides comfort from sinus issues: With the increasing amount of pollution and dust particles in the air, there is a high tendency for a lot of people to have issues with their sinus. Honey works as a natural anti-bacterium that clears out the infection. It also provides a soothing effect on the throat and plays a major role as an anti-septic in reducing inflammation. Since honey increases one’s immune system, there are less chances of a sinus attack.
  2. Honey helps in reducing Dandruff: Honey is one of the best natural home remedies to get rid of Dandruff. Dandruff can be pretty irritating and can cause a lot of hair fall. Honey, with its anti-bacterial properties can help in getting rid of dandruff without causing any adverse effect. Honey also helps in strengthening hair and results in soft and silky hair.dandruff-remedies
  3. Honey to rejuvenate skin: Applying raw honey to one’s face can help in treating skin problems. Acne, dry skin and fine lines can be taken care of by using honey. It not only treats these skin problems but also ensures that they don’t occur again. It provides the skin with nutrients that gives a radiant glow and keeps the skin even.
  4. Honey helps in sleeping: Honey and milk is known for its ability to give peaceful night’s sleep. A teaspoon of honey before going to bed helps in sleeping without any disruption. Honey activates sleep hormones that allows one to start the sleep schedule. It also brings a rise to the insulin level which results in release of serotonin that turns in melatonin, when released in the brain helps in a peaceful sleep.
  5. Honey works as a power tool: Honey can also be used as an energy drink. It is released directly to the bloodstream which results in a boost, allowing one to be energetic and alive throughout the day.

For centuries, honey has been used as an integral part of the daily diet. Honey with its innumerable health benefits, is one of man’s favourite.