How Using a Doctor on Demand Could Make Your Life Easier

doctor's stethoscope

The online revolution and rise of IT companies that can provide fast or instant services to consumers is quickly spreading to all industries. We’ve already seen it disrupt food, retail, transportation and accommodation services, and it is now spreading into white collar professions usually delivered in person.

Online legal services are already finding great success, but until recently healthcare services have been resistant to the trend.

Not anymore – having a doctor on demand is the latest in online solutions for consumer needs.

So what is a doctor on demand you ask?


Online healthcare, prescription and mental healthcare providers

Doctors on demand is a 24/7 online service offering video chat and instant access to a range of healthcare services, including the opportunity to speak with mental health professionals. They can offer services to help with most common issues that you might see a healthcare professional for or visit the emergency unit for.


What can doctor’s on demand treat?

Problems they can deal with include; minor injuries, the flu, requesting prescriptions or for issues with anxiety and depression and other mental health concerns. They can provide referrals to other doctors and certificated for days of work, second opinions and diagnosis of conditions like acne, eczema or STI’s.


What can’t doctor’s on demand treat?

They are not able to deal with major life threatening injuries. If you have chest pain, are struggling to breathe, think you have been poisoned or have sustained a major injury go to the emergency room as you normally would.

Doctor Checking Patient's Blood Pressure


Why should I use doctor on demand?

This is a great service in today’s busy world. It is especially useful if you would like to renew a prescription or see a healthcare provider but can’t get out of work. With this service you can see them in your lunchbreak, there is no reason to take annual leave off work or risk annoying your boss.

It’s a fast service, so if you have a question you want answered there and then without spending potentially hours in the waiting room then this is the perfect service.

It’s great if you’re stuck at home with the kids and think you might be coming down with the flu, or if you live at home and you don’t feel up to driving yourself to the hospital.

If you have mental health issues and are suffering from anxiety or depression, leaving the house can actually be quite a difficult task and hospitals or healthcare offices can actually induce quite a bit of anxiety. This service can be a godsend for people who might otherwise be too afraid to seek out the help that they need.

The reduced travel time and costs can be a huge benefit to many people. Australia has vast distances and not everyone lives within the cities, for some people in regional areas access to GP’s is difficult.

This service has many benefits not only for you but the wider community. It reduces the pressure on hospitals and improves efficiencies in the healthcare system. Reducing the number of people attending hospitals will improve the care received by patients seriously in need.

The overall improved access to care is a great benefit to the community and will help the most vulnerable members of our society.


Is it covered by Medicare?

At the current time it is not covered by Medicare, but this may change at a later date. Private healthcare providers may cover some of the costs.

Modern technology continues to improve our lives and offer new conveniences each day. Accessible healthcare is so important to Australian society and services such as Doctor on Demand are paving the way. Next time your ill or injured, try a doctor on demand!