Looking into Bathroom Vanities in Auckland

Bathroom vanities in Auckland

Auckland is not only New Zealand’s largest city but it is also one of the fastest growing property markets throughout the greater metropolitan region.

And whether you are buying the worst house on the best street or are able to tap in to Auckland’s high end property market, any homeowner will tell you, a customised bathroom renovation is not only one of the first thing’s a new homeowner will attend to, but it also adds comfort and resale value to your home.

Where do you spend most of your time in the bathroom?

A lot of people will think it is in the shower. Some might even say on the toilet seat! But the answer is at the vanity.

Whether it is applying your make-up, brushing your teeth, or even shaving your perfectly manscaped beard in the mirror. We spend the majority of our bathroom hours per week at the vanity.

What is the first thing people look for when they walk into your bathroom?

Aside from being clean, and having a lock on the bathroom door handle, the vanity will always be the feature piece. Vanities come in a range of shapes and sizes whether you are looking to renovate your studio apartment or trying to accommodate your family during morning rush hour with a large double vanity unit, they will always be the centre piece of the room and dictate the theme and tone for your upgrade, rebuild or renovation

What should I look for in a vanity if I’m looking to renovate in the Auckland region?

Vanities are a great way to customise your bathroom to not only your needs but also your taste.

Whilst renowned for its idyllic weather, if you start work early in the morning, then you will know Auckland can have some dark and chilly winter mornings.

Consider a vanity that can accommodate a goods size mirror that will not only reflect and brighten up your bathroom, but add to the feeling of space and comfort.

Storage is also important, especially if you are renovating a small apartment or accommodating a large family or frequent guests.

Space-friendly bathroom vanities in Auckland can free up room for other features like a double-spaced shower, or even that glorious stand-alone bathtub for you to soak in after a long day at work.

Are bathroom vanities in Auckland expensive?

The beauty of bathroom vanities in Auckland is that they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, which can be customised with a vast array of customisable options such as tapware with brass or matt finishes just to name a few, in order to fit your renovation needs.

Vanities are available from basic economy models which may suit a spare toilet or re-fit for a rental property or corporate space through to plush and ornate pieces that make you feel like you’re living in a five-star hotel, every day of the year.

Are bathroom vanities in Auckland difficult to install?

Depending on the size and scale and of course your handyperson skills, most bathroom vanities are relatively easy to install.

For most bathroom renovation professionals, it will be a straightforward procedure with a fast turnaround and have you back feeling at home in no time.

However, if you are more adventurous or fancy your handyman skills, then with some basic tools and some good advice from your bathroom fixture and fittings expert and your local hardware store, you will be able to achieve the same result, and perhaps have an even greater sense of satisfaction next time you are standing at your bathroom vanity!