Player Tips When Scouting for Second Hand Golf Balls

Player Tips When Scouting for Second Hand Golf Balls

There are a number of players who will look down their nose at second hand golf balls. For such a prestigious sport that demands the best and excellence at every corner, why waste time on such an exercise?

The fact remains that this is an industry all unto itself. With such high turnover of balls, these items continue to retain value, offering options for individuals young and old alike.

Instead of accepting any collection or gathering any ball, it is beneficial to read some key tips from insiders about how they scout for these brands and what their takeaways are in this setting.

Understand Value of Second Hand Options

Players who are taking a closer look at second hand golf balls will do well to understand why they are a popular option amongst the average local player. For starters, they are cheaper to access, something that goes a long way when factoring the course registration fees, attire and cost of golf clubs amongst other finances. It is also a great way to reduce waste and to have contingency options up the sleeve when playing with a group on a Saturday.

Assess Online Suppliers

If there is one avenue where players can get their hands quickly on second hand golf balls, it should be through online suppliers. There will be market specialists who offer bargains on this front, as well as the regular golf retail chains and clubhouses who have online shops to utilise. In this setting, the client picks their quantity and quality, designating any AAA, AA and A grades as well as the hit away items that are purely used for practice.

Talk to Other Golfers & Seek Referrals

Golfers who want to add to their ball collection through second hand suppliers often get ahead of the competition when they talk to their fellow players. Everyone will have their own recollection of how they sourced their second hand brands and what they do to add to their own stocks. Reach out to these people and see what pro shops have to say on the topic.

Don’t Be Obsessed By Brand Recognition

Second hand golf ball

Among the many poor tactics that some players use when finding second hand golf balls, it will be brand recognition that compromises the process. This is not about acquiring items that have glamour and prestige, although there will be high-end collections that are still in this bracket. Find those balls that are cleaned and conditioned for use without any cracks or compromised texture. Any other feature is just a bonus.

Visit The Driving Range

Driving ranges will have their own stock of second hand golf balls. They will have thousands of these brands to hand. In most cases, they will offer packages to purchase them outright. Rather than hoping for a few loose offerings, it is beneficial to make contact with them and examine what kind of balls they have at their disposal.

Enjoy That Course Time

Let’s be honest – what is the one cheap and easy tactic that any player can use to seek out good second hand golf balls? On the golf course, right! If there are other groups that are happy not to pick up after themselves and drop a new ball over the span of 18 holes, why not collect as you go? These discoveries are fairly rare events, but for anyone at any handicap level who wants to add to their collection, using more course time is recommended.


Second hand golf balls are great to have for practice environments on the range, but they are also handy to utilise for course options if a few pristine balls have found their way into a tree or lake. Why be precious about these products when they offer great contingency planning measures and a chance to improve that swing in motion? To perfect that practice and have the routine mastered, it requires a high quantity of balls to make it happen and lower that handicap.