Questions about Drive Medical Answered

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If you’ve heard about Modified Driving Solutions then you might know a little bit about Drive Medical and what they do, but there’s a lot to learn. This creative and innovative medical equipment company has a big product range and a global reach. Want to know more? Read on below to find out Modified Driving Solutions answers to some of the most pressing questions about them.

What is Drive Medical?

Drive Medical is a healthcare product manufacturing brand that provides high quality medical equipment in countries throughout the world. They have manufacturing facilities and offices throughout Australia, China, the UK, Spain, Canada and Taiwan. Their focus is on developing innovating, user-friendly products that change and improve the lives of the disabled and elderly. Their products help people with managing their live and raise quality of life. They can help with everything from mobility and movement, to comfort and happiness. These high end medical devices are cutting edge and help with giving people the ability to function daily and enjoy their lives – leading to more relaxed, contented users.

What products are they known for?

There are a few main medical equipment items that Drive Medical are well known for, although they continue to innovate and come up with new products all the time.

They manufacture and distribute mobility scooters, which comes in a range of colours, sizes and styles to suit different needs and preferences. They are designed to make movement easier for users, allowing them to easily get around both inside and outside. These scooter have storage facilities and are well equipped for travelling on all types of terrain, even outdoors where surfaces can be rough or uneven. There are miniature versions of these scooters, as well as versions designed for use at night. For users interested in luxury features, they also sell a range of high end scooters –there’s something to suit every mobility need.

Drive Medical are also know for wheelchairs, another mobility item that can make day to day living far more convenient. Wheelchair can give those with limited mobility access to a range of needs and services, giving them back their freedom and independence. Their wheelchairs are designed to be lightweight and foldable, making them practical and easy to use. Lighter materials mean that they are much more manoeuvrable, making them easier to manage and less tiring for the user. Their product ranges include features like adjustable head and footrests, travel bags and light materials.

Padded backrests and seats also come as part of the design for some of their wheelchairs, allowing for optimal comfort.

Drive Medical also manufacture a range of rise chairs, designed to be comfortable and practical for users. Their rise chairs are perfect for all ages and designed to suit a number of medical conditions. Features of their rise chairs include soft, comfortable materials, padded cushions, convenient pcokets, adjustable to the user’s desired height or position, washable covers, hand controls, and waterproof controls, amongst other essential features.

Who uses their products?

Drive Medical’s products are popular both with private users managing disabilities and the elderly as well as with healthcare facilities and many qualified nurses who regularly use the products for patients. They have an excellent reputation with hospital staff and nurses because their products are of the highest quality and comfort for patients, and easy to use for staff.

Drive Medical offer high quality, innovative products that improve the lives of many. Their excellent product offering and commitment to changing lives have made them popular with their customers and health care facilities and staff around the world. Visit them today or enquire to find out more.