Tips for Schools Looking to Install Drinking Fountains on Site

Tips for Schools Looking to Install Drinking Fountains on Site

The importance of hydration around schools cannot be lost on those participants who are examining the use of drinking fountains on site.

Dehydration will lead to students suffering from sickness, fatigue and loss of concentration amongst other health concerns.

Should individuals recognise their duty and want to install the best fountains accessible, it is worthwhile adhering to some tips that will guide interested parties on their search.

Identifying Quality Access Points

Schools that are eager to have drinking fountains available on site need to ensure that they have pinpointed the right locations. Whether it is hallways that are designated in between classrooms to sports centres, fields, offices and beyond, it pays to acknowledge what will work best for hydration access. It will also speak to the power connection points and plumbing infrastructure that the school affords, with some clients having to compromise on this front if the installation team is not given the right conditions.

The Right Fountain Design Profile

Drinking fountain

It is essential that schools take note of the type of drinking fountains that are displayed across the market. While there will be some members who believe that they are a one-size-fits-all scenario, there is a great degree of versatility that speaks to their ease of fit within an educational institution. From floor standing brands to wall mounted utilities and fountains that are geared to indoor or outdoor spaces, there is a high degree of diversity on show with these assets. Survey the entire market before assessing what will work best.

Reflecting on Institution Budget

While there will be some dividends that are afforded to a school in this context regarding the implementation of drinking fountains, the process still needs to be budgeted for within the scope of the financial year. The best approach is to engage operators in the request of a quote before surveying where the suitable price point happens to be. The more financial information that management has about the utilities, the easier it will be to navigate a suitable price decision.

Integration of User Safety Features

Schools that are looking to install these fountain features don’t have to just accept the standardised models if they believe that particular safety features are necessary. Disability access is another consideration that has to be in play. Yet there are mouthpiece protections and cup fillers that ensure kids don’t have to engage in unsafe practices as they hydrate during the day.

Industry Backing & Accreditation

From the principal to the department manager, teachers and all others in positions of power and influence, it is beneficial to have peace of mind with these drinking fountains. By checking in on the brand and surveying the industry backing that the supplier receives, it is easy to identify units that other institutions invest in. This will be important for the sake of insurance measures as well as legal ramifications in case anything was to go wrong.

Installation Logistics & Long-Term Product Guarantees

How long will it take to install the selected drinking fountains? Will there be any modifications of the area needed regarding the plumbing and electrical infrastructure on site? Is this information provided courtesy of an obligation-free quote? Will the brand ensure an insurance and warranty policy in case repairs or replacements are necessary? Schools will do wise to ask these questions of outlets before proceeding.


It is always a smart move for schools at all levels to have an appropriate level of drinking fountains accessible on the premises. Kids can easily become dehydrated over the course of the day and these units offer relief on that count. By following through on these steps, customers will be able to pick out a supplier and product that ticks all of the right boxes.