What Do Printing Services Offer?

printing services

Looking to share something stylish, professional and memorable? Printing services are a wonderful tool for any business, especially with digital products seeing a great improvement in quality in recent years. With such a wide range of options out there, you may just be wondering where to start.

To help, we’ve pulled together a list of different ways your business can make use of these, from the different types of services available in the best print shop, to the kinds of products you can get for your business.

First, let’s look at the different ways one can go about this…


Types of printing services

‘Printing services’ is a pretty generic term. There are multiple types, many of which fall under the umbrella term ‘digital printing’ services. Here are just some…

  1. Offset litho – a more traditional option, this transfers your image onto metal plates, which rub off onto a rubber blanket. From here, the blanket transfers the content to paper. It’s hence called ‘offset’ due to this indirect route to the end material.

This is great when you need large volumes produced, however due to the ink and plates required it’s not the most cost and time effective method.

  1. Inkjet – a digital method that uses classic ink cartridges that blot ink onto the paper to produce your image or document.
  2. Screen – your image is transferred onto a fine mesh, with the ink pushed through gaps in the mesh onto the end material.
  3. Laser – a popular digital method today, this involves a laser beam passing back and forth over a negatively charged drum. This transfers your image to paper with electrically-charged powdered toner.

As digital printing services have grown in quality, they have in turn grown more popular than the traditional offset method. Digital is also better value for money…

  • No setup costs
  • Direct transfer from pdf to paper
  • High-quality toners for less
  • Less materials needed in the process
  • Less waste

They are also more time-effective. You can produce items faster without sacrificing quality. This means quicker turnarounds for your business.

So, part 2…


What kind of products can your business get out of printing services?

  1. Posters – one of the most traditional forms of advertising is the humble poster. It’s been around since the 1800’s, so poster design has become a respected job and a fine art to master. This means presenting a clear message that’s easy to read along with relevant, high-quality graphics and images.

Not only is designing a poster a specialised task, but so is transferring this onto….

And more.

media prints

  1. Banners – get a custom banner or display produced for events like conferences, and general advertising at on/off site locations.
  2. Brochure – brochures are a pamphlet, small book, or magazine with images and information about a product or service. Your business may use them to inform customers, too, about your events or programs, a new enterprise, company goals, and more.
  3. Standing displays – in the same token as banners, your company may want a standing display (available in a range of sizes) for social events and conferences alike. You may choose to have them present a greeting to guests and clients, or as a series of infographics about your products and/or services.
  4.  Bound booklets – creating booklets out of documents involves not only putting ink or powdered toner to quality paper, but doing a quality job of holding the pages together. You want something that will not only stay but look neat and professional to top it off.

A bound booklet may come in handy when you have more you want to convey to prospective customers, than what would fit on the typical brochure.

business cards

  1. Business cards – every company needs their own signature business card. They are a staple way to spread your contact details and network with potential clients. This may be at social events, conferences, corporate events, and more. Printing services know the right kind of paper to be using for your business cards, how thick these should be, and how they should appear.