Why Local Brands Use Custom Printed Helium Balloons

helium balloons

Australian companies are seeing the value in utilizing custom printed helium balloons for their own marketing purposes.

Amid all of the options that are on the table for marketing managers to tap into, this product transcends demographics to draw in the eye.

That is an asset that is hard to put a price on because so much about the commercial landscape revolves around customer cut-through: sending out branded messages that make people stand up and take notice.

A majority of Australian enterprises are purely focusing their efforts with online endeavours and whilst that should not be overlooked, there are tangible real life strategies that are being forgotten.

So why should your local company tap into these products? Let us discuss that very point.


Customised For Specific Promotional Campaign

helium balloons

It is important to focus in on the customization element of custom printed helium balloons before looking at other market advantages. For a medical practice, a sports club, a restaurant or a car show, this is a platform where companies can design their own colours, tones, textures and sizes to suit whatever occasion fits. The customer can take these items away as a reminder to allow that promotion to continue on beyond the original timeframe as well, adding residual value.


Complimenting an Event

The joy about using custom printed helium balloons is that they can be blown up to the size of a hot air balloon or multiplied as miniatures depending on your requirements. In this spirit they act to compliment an event that could include a store opening to an end of financial year discount or the announcement of a new product. They do not have to be an all-in-one product that constitutes an entire campaign, but work to accentuate the marketing message for the brand. Australian businesses in busy metropolitan districts are just as likely to use this ploy as rural outlets that want to amplify their announcement, so it makes sense to take advantage of a versatile product.


Minimal Logistic Challenges

The logistics involved with ordering custom printed helium balloons and sending them to location is minimal. From the initial order to the turnaround time from the outlet and the delivery, this is a process where a marketing manager can secure the goods in rapid time. Other offline ventures require weeks to produce the goods, but some domestic organisations see events sprung on them at the 11th hour.


Keep Your Costs  Low

Weigh up custom printed helium balloons against alternative marketing mediums and the figures will quickly point to the positives for your brand’s bottom line. Consider other offline tactics such as flyers, billboards, magazine adverts and vehicle promotions and this is suddenly a more affordable measure. Then there is the digital element where pay-per-click and SEO strategies are embraced, all activities that require a short or long-term financial investment to reap dividends. Helium balloons won’t blow out the budget because they are cheap to make and imprinting a logo and message is cost efficient for all parties.


Fun Addition For All Customers

There is fun, lightness and levity that is obtained when a business decides to use custom printed helium balloons for their own endeavours. Cold and stale commercial environments that need some joy and warmth often source these products to remove that traditional corporate image, giving some character to the location. From young toddlers and children to adolescents, adults and seniors, there is no customer demographic that is out of bounds with these balloons.



There is a brand awareness metric that can be achieved through custom printed helium balloons that makes it a sound choice for Australian businesses. These goods are light, fun and friendly to offer real cut-through, all without the need to shelve out inflated fees – just inflated products!