Why So Many Office Workers Are Investing In A Busy Light For Their Desk Area


In modern times it seems like there is always some new piece of equipment that is supposed to increase the productivity of workers. What many will find is that they work for a little bit but then they will go back to feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Having said this, every now and again a product is released that does, in fact, help office workers.

One example of this is something known as a busy light. This is a piece of equipment that people are able to use at their desk area which will flash different coloured lights depending on the status of the employee at hand. For instance, if the worker is occupied then the busy light would flash one colour whereas it would flash another if the worker was available.

While this may seem overly simple this is actually revolutionary. It means that one person isn’t going to walk up to another and accidentally interrupt them in the middle of an important call. Because of this, there are plenty of office workers out there who are investing in a busy light for their desk area and for good reason.


It can be helpful to invest in a busy light so that people can solely focus on their clients


As most people out there will know, the best way to keep a client happy on an ongoing basis is to build rapport with them. This can be done in several different ways such as sending yearly gifts to say thank-you. Another way that this can be achieved is by regularly touching base with them to make sure that they are happy with everything.

While this is all well and good, it can be a little hard to have a proper conversation with someone over the phone when colleagues are constantly interrupting. These kinds of interruptions usually don’t occur on purpose as someone may simply not realize that another person is on the phone. When these little interruptions occur, it can make it hard to solely concentrate on the person who is on the phone.

This means that it can be harder to build rapport with someone and they may not feel as appreciated as they could. Because of this, many people like to invest in a busy light for their desk area so that their colleagues can clearly see that they are on an important call. This means that all they have to do focus their energy on the person at hand.


A busy light is able to help reduce confrontation in the work place

When one employee accidentally interrupts another, this may cause some tension. Even though it may have been an innocent mistake, the person who was disrupted may feel annoyed at the other person. This kind of tension can build up over time and can cause bigger issues down the track.

A simple way to avoid this is with a busy light. This is a gentle and non-confrontational way for one employee to realize that another employee is busy. When they see this, they can easily send them a direct message or email instead. Alternatively, they can set up a proposed time in their calendar when they are able to talk with each other when they are both free.

As it can be seen, there are many benefits to something as simple as a product that can clearly show someone’s status. Because of this, more and more office workers are implementing this piece of equipment and are increasing their productivity because of this.