Why website optimisation is important for SEO

Why website optimisation is important for SEO

As a business owner, your website is your greatest asset. As people are turning to digital methods for collecting their information about businesses, how you present yourself online can make or break your business. Search engine optimisation is all about increasing your digital presence to a point that your rankings amongst search engines improves. You should think of your website as a piece of digital real estate. SEO and website optimisation are like renovations setting up your property for the highest possible value when you decide to sell.

Regardless if you are planning to sell the business long term, having a presentable storefront in the form of a website ensures that your business is able to adapt to the changing environment. Below we are going to discuss why your website’s optimisation is very important for your business and should be a priority for your SEO Melbourne agency.

Content hosting

Your website is the “Holy Grail” for content that you have full access to. Many small businesses are worried about their website looking cluttered so they neglect to add any content apart from the contact section. In reality this does more harm than good as search engines are unable to identify what your business is about and if they do manage to index your website, your search limits will be very limited.

With additional landing pages, blogs and other sub categories you are able to tell your visitors and search engines the full range of your business and what suburbs it can reach. An easy to understand example is a plumbing service that is very limited with their content may only appear for specific searches about the company. While a plumbing service that has landing pages for all the suburbs that they service suddenly opens them up to new incoming visitors and thus more leads.

The flow

A big part of your website from a user and search engine perspective is how well the website flows. This includes the overall layout of the website along with the appropriate sliders and tabs. Think of your website from the perspective of a user. If they can’t navigate the website easily and find the information that they need, neither will a search engine algorithm and hence your ranking can be hindered.

Sliders and tabs at the top of your website are the most effective way to create a suitable flow and layout for your website so that all the information can be found. Stay away from invisible links and content as this is an easy way to get hit with a penalty on your website which can lead to your listing being removed completely.

First impressions matter

When you have a website and online presence established, your website becomes the first impression from visitors and potential customers when they visit. If they see an ad or your listing on a results page and land on a website that is poorly constructed and outright hideous to look at, they will close out of it immediately. It doesn’t matter if you are the best at what you, if you can’t convey that to Google or a visitor you won’t succeed in the current online environment.

While website development can be quite pricey, if a potential client sees your underdeveloped website they will immediately think that your business doesn’t have the resources or expertise to create a website. So if a business can’t effectively run their website how can they be sure that the service or product they provide is any different.