Yoga Online Learning Unites Over Great Distances

Woman trying out yoga online learning course

Yoga online learning unites the student to the teacher without regard for distance or time. The word Yoga itself means “union”, or “to yoke” as in an oxen to the cart. In the case of this thousand of years old discipline of physical exercise the practitioner of yoga is bringing together his mind and body. Yoga online learning brings together the teacher to the student and accommodates both the teacher and students’ daily lives as there are no set times for class, nor a location to travel to. The miracle of the internet has enhanced the practice of yoga world-wide so that learning this discipline online brings the following additional benefits:

  • Greater choice of qualified and expert instructors
  • Disregard for travel and scheduled classes
  • Student can progress at his or her own pace
  • Student can learn in the privacy of their own home
  • Student needs to self-motivate
  • Student has access to personal instruction if required

Whether you are seeking the pleasure of the Sun Salute or are wanting to touch your toes without bending your knees, or you want to regain youth through flexibility, you can start yoga online learning right away. All you need is a computer, or smartphone, and a place to practice.

How to Start Yoga Online Learning

Finding the most suitable online course for Yoga requires a little bit of research and common-sense. If you know nothing or very little about Yoga, you can start by having a look at some free online videos of practitioners practicing Yoga. You will see yoga is about holding certain postures, some quite difficult and requiring great flexibility, some more simple but still requiring a patient mind to hold the position.

There are a number of different types of Yoga, including Ashtanga and Hatha, and there are the purely meditative Yogas like Raja Yoga. If you are learning online you predominantly want Yoga that deals with body movement. Don’t confuse other forms of exercise with Yoga as this ancient Indian discipline has centuries old curriculums and postures with specific Indian names that were designed thousands of years ago.

Traditional Yoga also has world-respected gurus or teachers that have written extended volumes of books and have had huge followings, but the most respected ones have sadly passed away now. However, there are new generations of Yoga teachers that will take you to the pinnacle of this fabulous discipline and a lot of them have Yoga online learning courses for you to try out.

What Can I Expect from Yoga Online Learning?

When you pay the fee and join a Yoga online learning course you will be given goals or targets to achieve in attaining certain postures. As you watch the online video of the instructor, the instructor will guide you through the movement into the posture. You can listen carefully to the teaching and can of course replay the video. Usually, if you want to progress to the next levels, you need to send a video of yourself to the Yoga teacher for him to approve your progress in his or her Yoga school.

This procedure of receiving feedback and approval from the online Yoga instructor is usually a good sign that the teacher and course are legitimate. And usually, you will be given certification if you complete the entire Yoga online learning course. At advanced levels, you might need to attend a face-to-face meeting, if not with the guru himself or herself, then with one of their representatives nearby in your locality.

Yoga is one of the oldest and most proven methods of becoming healthy in mind and body, and Yoga Online Learning now brings students together with respected teachers over great distances, such an advance in the science of Yoga that would never have been heard of even twenty years ago. Try yoga online learning now as this ancient art has never been more accessible to people all over the world.